Financial Communication

I have a specific and broad experience in the field of information communication for organizations in the financial industry.

In collaboration with Attoma (Paris, France), I developed since 1995 several solutions for Banque de Luxembourg, an important investment bank. Following that formative experience, I worked with Attoma for other important French financial istitutions, like La Banque Postale and MFP.

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Information and Resource Planning Communication

My interest in human-computer interaction started in the late 80s, when I designed some of the first interactive kiosks on the Italian market. Later I worked with MiLàNo (Milan, Italy), where we pioneered the application of user centered design in information technology for large Italian corporate clients, with projects for telecommunication and insurance companies.
My ability to visually organize complex information has been applied to scientific software and large ERP applications.

I get involved from the early stages (concept, user/task analysis, etc.) up to the development of detailed specs, prototypes and html/css templates. I’m familiar with the latest advancements in web technology and trends, and I have the ability to understand information technology issues and to collaborate with system analysts and software developers.

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Project Communication

In my approach to design, the attention to the user includes the people who are part of the design team and who are involved in the decision making process.

This attention is translated in deliverables such as structure and process diagrams, concept visualizations, navigation maps and wireframes. Using this range of visual tools it is possible to develop a common mental model, useful for an effective communication throughout the phases of a project.

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IED Cagliari: two design courses

Istituto Europeo di Design is an international design educational network with a presence in major European cities and in Brasil.
The campus in Cagliari reopened after a hiatus of twenty years.
I have been invited to teach two short courses for students of both Product Design and Media Design.

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Hypervisor, interface of a surveillance and security applications system

Attoma has been commissioned by Thalès Security Systems to design the user interface of Maestro, its star application in the field of hypervision. Presented in its “Airport Security” version at the Paris Air Show Le Bourget in June, the application is available in other versions tailored to public transportation (railways networks, metro stations, etc.) and to urban and industrial sites. The solutions provided by Attoma constitute a real breakthrough in an unforgiving field in which the stakes are particularly critical.

Operator post for the Airport Security application

Operator post for the Airport Security application

Selection of pictograms

Selection of pictograms

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Interface design for scientific visualization

Hybrigenics, a spin-off of the prestigious Institute Pasteur, is a bio-informatics company based in Paris, France. Starting in the year 2000 I collaborated with Attoma for the concept and design of several applications aimed at researchers in the field of proteomics. Hybrigenics developed an industrial-scale screening platform for the discovery of protein interactions. The huge amount of data generated asked for an innovative and powerful tool to explore and manipulate information: PIMRider®.


Detail of one of several diagrams that were used to visualize and review the proposed workflow between applications.

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INDEX: supervision and guidelines for an interaction design workshop

End 2007 Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, the regional government of Sardinia (Italy) launched the competition for the organization of an ambitious interaction design course. In December 2008 a group composed, among others, by the Faculty of Architecture of Alghero (Sassari, Sardinia) and Domus Academy (Milan), started the course named INDEX (INteraction DEsign eXperience, produzione e gestione di contenuti culturali e ambientali digitali). In INDEX I had the role of  Coordinator of the Cultures workshop.


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An introduction to information design for Sardinian school children

This small teaching project originated from a request to talk about communication and design in a small town school in my native Sardinia. Considering the target (children between eleven and thirteen years old) our goal was to stimulate some curiosity about design as profession, without any ambition to actually teach something.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

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